Brussels, Belgium

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  Marianne Bouvette  
Bringing more music into everyday life

Marianne is a French-Canadian musician,composer

and performer based in Brussels,Belgium. She believes

in the importance of promoting the many benefits of music

as part of everyday life. She founded Celticize Me and Jazz Me Up 

with a view to popularize instruments such as harp and piano.

Harp and Piano With a Twist

Marianne is a composer but she also "celticizes" popular pieces on the harp or "jazzes them up" on the piano through acoustic arrangements that highlight the special beauty of those instruments, sometimes including challenging acrobatics!. Her broad repertoire makes her a popular performer for a variety of events.

Music Teaching Revisited

Marianne offers music tuition (piano and harp) using a unique teaching approach which combines academic training standards with oral tradition. She tailors her teaching material to each student's specific abilities and needs, composing and arranging customized pieces to address their specific learning challenges.

Music and Well-Being


Marianne leverages harp therapy techniques to conduct harp-aided mindful breathing sessions, individually or in small groups (Brussels area, Belgium).

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